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Master Fibonacci Trading Techniques with DiNapoli Levels

Independently rated #1 best seller

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The most Comprehensive Trading Book ever Published on the Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis.

''...apply it in the trading environment. If your trading results do not improve, take up gardening!'' - John F.O. San Pedro, CA - Private Trader.

Not one. Not five. But eighteen years have gone into the formulation of ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels''.

The final product comprises over 300 pages of trading techniques and the practical application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis. It has been translated into 11 languages to date.

Written by renowned trader, internationally recognized lecturer and widely acclaimed author, Joe DiNapoli brings you his life's work in his independently rated #1 Best-Selling Trading Book, ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels''.

So, why exactly is ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels'' such a success over others?

As some have said, ''D-Levels is the most complete and practical book on high-performance trading I've ever seen! I have shelves full of investment theory which cannot compare to this trading course.'' - Neal Hughes, PureBytes.

As others have said, ''...I, like many, have spent thousands of dollars on the purchase of trading books, methods, software, systems, and trading instructional courses in the past. Also like many others, I lost additional thousands of dollars in fruitless attempts to trade "their" methods effectively... With your book I have learned 25 times as much in one tenth the time. It is unbelievable!'' - John F. O., San Pedro, CA - private trader 1 year.

However, while positive testimonials are all well and good, let us be specific: What exactly do you get out of this book?

To answer simply, let me ask you this:

Are you serious about leveling up your trading? Are you looking for a practical trading book that has not only been refined over eighteen years, but genuinely answers the questions: ''So, what exactly do I do with this knowledge?'' and ''How exactly do I apply this to my trades, and come out on top?''

If the answer is yes, then as thousands of satisfied traders have experienced for almost two decades, DiNapoli Levels is going to take you there and further.

Now, what specifically are you getting out of this book?

With the trading perspective provided by this book you will be able to:

  • Formulate a practical trading plan that ensures you always approach your trades with a confident strategy.
  • See how most traders sabotage their goals so you avoid falling into the same traps.
  • Capitalize on buy and sell areas unknown by most traders.
  • Understand the fundamentals of market action and reaction so you can flip the cards in your favor.
  • Accurately place stops for maximum potential and minimum heartache.
  • Predetermine logical profit objectives.
  • Utilize the most effective trend-following techniques used by expert traders.
  • Position yourself before explosive moves occur.
  • Discover how to Mix Leading and Lagging indicators across time frames for a high-accuracy, low-risk trading approach.
  • Enter strong, running market moves ''safely''.
  • Understand how a unique MACD/Stochastic trend indicator application tells you where the public is acting and where the smart money is.
  • Implement the best overbought and oversold oscillator available to date.
  • Benefit from the mechanics of trading thrust. The experts say, "The Trend is your friend."
  • DiNapoli Levels teaches you how to define ''Trend''. The experts say, "Buy strength and sell weakness." This book teaches you how to buy weakness in an uptrend and sell strength in a downtrend, and of course, where exactly to take your profits

But, what if DiNapoli Levels isn't for me? Is it too advanced?

DiNapoli Levels was made concise and easy to understand for all levels. But let us state it this way:

If you're a beginner, DiNapoli Levels provides you with the complete package and a lifetime worth of value you'll carry with you throughout your entire trading career.

Suppose you're an advanced trader and apply DiNapoli Levels principles. In that case, this book will kick it up a notch and bring you a serious return on investment (on the condition you study it well).

Take John F.O. San Pedro, CA - Private Trader, who also had this to say - ''I would strongly recommend that anyone, novice, intermediate or advanced professional, not only purchase your book but read it, study it, sleep with it, understand it and apply it in the trading environment...''

Or Neal Hughes, from PureBytes, who also had this to say: ''D-Levels brings clarity to the topic, condensing 25 years of trading experience into an integrated methodology. Brilliant!''

So, if you like the idea of seriously levelling up your trading and taking things to the next level, but you're unsure of the best approach, welcome to ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels''.


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