The Path to Accomplish Your Trading Goals

Coast Investment Software provides various trading training, products and educational services. This flowchart will help you see what will most efficiently meet your needs and accomplish your trading goals.

Explanation of the flow chart

This flow chart is the "Recommended Learning path". With 38 years of market experience and 30 years teaching clients to trade, this is my best shot at directing your progress. Each button is a clickable link and will take you to a description of the particular product or service we offer. Everything we offer has been designed for maximum benefit with minimal cost. With the exception of the book, you can skip steps along the way. Skipping steps may however not be in your best interest.

The Coast Trading Package (CTP), CQG, NinjaTrader and Exeria have all the DiNapoli studies preprogrammed so you don't need to buy any additional software from us or anyone else. CTP is a cost effective alternative but for the professional trader CQG is, always has been, and remains, the best.

The "ELA pack" is compatible with TradeStation 2000i and TradeStation Pro. FibStation is available only with TradeStation Pro. It is the only way you can get FibNodes on the chart DiNapoli style, if you want to stay with TradeStation software.

Other Graphics Software may or may not be able to properly display the indicators described in the book (MACD, Stochastics, Detrended Oscillator, Displaced Moving Averages). Have a look at the Software Compatibility pages. Just because your software does these indicators does not mean the programmers used the right formulas for DiNapoli trading!!!

Please be sure your favorite Graphic package are faithfully mirroring the prescribed approach. If the studies are not programmed right...the results won't be what you might expect.

If you don't want to buy one of the software packages mentioned above, FibNodes software is an alternative that allows you to chart DiNapoli levels in a separate window and keep your present software. The cost of FibNodes is low and the product is effective but it is an older solution.You can choose to use standard Fibonacci studies incorporated in various charting packages, but that is a very poor way to go. In the case of End Of Day traders, some clients simply use the dividers since they are operating in a far less demanding environment.

Private seminars shorten the learning curve and sharpen the knowledge level tremendously. We have never offered a sufficient number to meet the demand. Some traders will take multiple private seminars because they find the benefit to cost ratio very favorable.

We now offer both advanced and standard P-sems worldwide. Standard P-sems are a strict prerequisite to an advanced P-sem.

Please visit the seminar page for more information or contact me.

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