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10-11 Feb 2024
Sarasota - Siesta Key, USA
Standard Seminar

2 day Standard Private Seminar

Presented by Pieter van Wyk


1 seat left!
11 Feb - 14 Feb 2024
Sarasota - Siesta Key, USA
Advanced Private Seminar

3.5 day Advanced Private Seminar

Presented by Pieter van Wyk


1 seat left!

Recent Client Comments

Hi Pieter

I cannot find any areas that needed improvement in the seminar. You covered all the key concepts thoroughly and in a fashion that was easy to understand. It has already helped me with my trading, and I see the true value of scalporama as the markets so often give you a reasonable profit at those support/resistance levels.

Hope to see you on the west coast next year.

Warmest Regards, J B

Hi Pieter

The seminar was a valuable education that I received and getting hands on experience with yourself was extremely informative. The way you go through the trading setup step by step helped me in preparing for my trades daily and I realised that I have to be very methodical in my approach. Also it was good to see that one needs a good amount of patience.

I learned a lot and give this seminar 10 out of 10.

Thanks Pieter and I can't wait for the next one.

Regards, G L

Hello Pieter

Thanks so much for a very informative seminar. The way you integrate time frames, D-Levels, and various other key techniques is truly inspiring. With a focus on scalping, you have provided nice balance with the longer term approach that is Tony's focus.

I would be very interested in a San Francisco seminar next year.

All the best, F Y

Hi Pieter

The seminar was a real revelation of how much there is to learn to successfully trade financial markets. The importance to continually have a birds-eye-view of the market could not have been emphasized any better. A great job was done when each step in the trade plan was discussed and analysed. The P-sem is of great value for anyone who is serious about success in trading financial markets. Pieter, thank you for showing all the patience and willingness to share you knowledge and expertise!

Regards S V

Hi Pieter

Herewith just a short thank you for the time and effort you put in to present the seminar to us. Your knowledge of the subject made it a pleasure. Thanks for all the information you gave us. It is clear to me that you are indeed an expert on the subject.

Once again thank you for your time. I shall contact you with more questions once I have done some more work.

Regards P C

Dear Pieter

Thank you very much for the effort you made to present the course. I had been through the book a couple of times, but the course embedded some of the concepts and allowed me to clarify some uncertainties. In addition, the course communicated how the methodology has moved on since the start of the noughties. Markets continue to change and any judgmental system has to adapt to these changes.

You were patient with those who were slow, yet encouraged those who were faster.

The homework after day 1 is a great way of reinforcing what was covered on the day and disciplining the mind to think through the issues.

The time we spent on the second afternoon on the systems was very helpful, as implementation is usually daunting for those with limited experience.

And finally, the after course follow-up has been good. Even if this is not used often, it is comforting to know there is someone on the other side of an e-mail.

I look forward to spending time with you in the future while practicing to put into practice all the concepts after gaining some experience.

Best regards J K

Hi Pieter

Thanks for a great weekend - it was truly an eye-opener for me. Although there are a few things that I will have to study I understand the bigger picture much better and, together with the course notes, should be able to improve my results dramatically

I found the seminar well structured and methodical and always had a clear picture of where we are going and what we are trying to achieve – that was great. Well done.

Take care S K

Hi Pieter

Thank you very much for the P-seminar on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed the interactive way in which you presented the material. The substance of the material was enriching and I found everything you teached of a very high value.

I can already feel a huge improvement in my total approach.

Thank you very much once again. I am looking forward to the advanced course.

Kind regards, K P

Dear Pieter,

Thank you very much for the D-level Seminar. When I bought the book 10 years ago, I tried hard to implement Joe's trade plans, but somehow was never confident enough to put a cohesive whole into practice. After spending 2 days with you, the complete trading method makes a great deal more sense. I now understand the setups and can see how to trade those using D-levels to manage the trades. I needed the course to interpret the book. It’s obvious that Joe has a very high standard of requirements when appointing leaders of his training courses. I must particularly thank you for the gentlemanly way in which you were able to conduct the seminar in English when I was the only one whose home language was not Afrikaans. I now feel that I have gained a friendly expert and look forward to further training time with you.

I need to get my computer, software and platforms in order and much more powerful before doing anything more advanced.I was extremely impressed with your comprehensive trading room!

Best Regards, N G

Hi Pieter,

Thanks, it was an excellent seminar, I’ve learned an enourmous amount and it was presented very proffesionally!!

Greetings, S B

Finally get some time to email a big thank you to Pieter for a brilliant P-Sem. It was really a great learning experience with a great bunch of people.

Such a huge amount of great info sometimes daunting, sometimes overwhelming , but always enjoyable :)

I have been busy getting up to speed with TNG - already a great decision, and looking forward to implementing some of the new info/tips/methods.

Thank you all again and hopefully catch you all again at the next P-Sem or maybe sooner.

Regards, P C

Pieter, thanks for sharing your knowledge in such an effortless manner. I realise that it is very hard to do; thanks for building up your skills to such a level. And thank God that you come from a teaching background. Joe and you are masters at this because you teach - imho.

Good luck everyone. S T

This event was particularly rewarding and dare I say it but I preferred the Melbourne seminar to those in Bangkok! I hope we can all make it for the next advanced seminar in Melbourne.

If you haven’t already, I recommend subscribing to Pieter’s DLevel weekly reports. I have decided to do the analysis myself on my own charts and then compare it with Pieter’s DLevel report to see the things I have missed and to compare our conclusions. It is like having Pieter as a mentor every week. Pieter, thanks for your excellent support and generosity.

Best of trading to everyone.


Pieter, a big thank you.

These two seminars marked the point of transition in my career as a trader. Guys, I'm happy to be part of this family of traders that share the same objective. Trading is a lonely business but these truly remarkable experiences, eliminate the loneliness of this career. And thanks to Joe, this wouldn't happen without him. I see you all in the next tick of the DAX.


About Seminars

Right now we are offering two types of Private seminars, Standard and Advanced.

Standard: The Goal of this Seminar


Having read through ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels''.

You can buy it from our website under the ''TWDL Book'' tab if you still need to become acquainted with the book.

Not just a seminar

Our standard seminars aren't just great ways to level up your trading; they're an experience - a breath of fresh air, a reason to get out of the house, meet new people, make new friends, crack a couple of jokes and engage in thought-provoking dialogue all the while giving you a strong shot at the markets when you leave.

At CIS, we embody this experience as best we can, providing you with the knowledge on how to improve your trades and a new and memorable experience, hopefully ensuring your return.

What we'll cover

The Standard Private seminars are usually held on weekends. They are 2 days with about half a day of a computer-related workshop - the rest is a heavy dose of learning and thorough discussions.

You can't beat on-hand, in-person mentorship, and so at CIS, our standard seminars take your trading ability to the next level through on-hand mentorship as we cover a range of topics including but not limited to Advanced indicators, patterns, and trading plans developed after the release of ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels''.

We follow this up with a thorough approach to market mechanics, tape reading, stops, and an intense dive into trading psychology to uncover how to leverage our emotions to the best of our ability to approach our trades confidently.

We will extensively review all currently leveraged and recommended software from CIS and explain how the software works, how to use it, and how to take advantage of it and shuffle the cards in your favour.

Throughout the seminar, we'll also engage in lively, open dialogue, ensuring we're always all learning and are confident in our strategy moving forward.

What Exactly am I Taught? (And how is this knowledge going to make me a better trader)

  • Advanced trading indicators: Use sophisticated indicators for more precise market analysis and signal generation, allowing you to recognize opportunities when they arise.
  • Advanced patters: Become an authority on complex chart patterns to identify potential market trends and reversals.
  • Advanced trading plans: Develop comprehensive plans that include risk management, position sizing, and adaptability.
  • A thorough approach to market mechanics: Understand the inner workings of financial markets, including liquidity and order flow.
  • Tape reading and stops: Analyze real-time market data for better decision-making and set effective stop-loss orders.
  • Trading psychology: Cultivate discipline, emotional resilience, and a rational mindset to navigate market fluctuations confidently.
  • CIS trading software: How to use them and take full advantage of them in your trades and shuffle the cards in your favour.

The Process

Step one: Sign up for this seminar by contacting Pieter van Wyk for the cost, date and verification.

Step two: Secure your spot.

Step three: Attend the event.

PS: Bringing a laptop or computer is not required.

Advanced/Private: The Goal of the Seminar


Having both read through ''Trading with DiNapoli Levels'' and attended a standard seminar.

How is it different from a standard seminar?

The Advanced Private seminars are more challenging to attend as attendance is usually limited to 4 or 5, with (Advanced) past clients having priority and almost everyone returning if they can.

A key difference is that in the private seminars, we engage in live trading for 2 consecutive days (and while it is recommended to trade with demos, you're welcome to trade with micro amounts if you'd prefer).

Typically, we get together for a few hours on a Sunday and discuss the current markets to ensure we're all up to speed before diving into the next 2 days as we trade. It can be quick and challenging, but most importantly, exciting to put our abilities to the test.

We have at least 2 computers set up with real and simulated accounts. You create positions for me, and I do the same for you. We trade for better or for worse.

We get together for the European opening early Monday morning - trade for a few hours or until lunchtime and break. We reconvene for trading the E-mini and American markets on Monday afternoon. If workshop instruction is needed away from the computer, that's fine. We go into the other room, and I'm available to help each of you with one-on-one mentorship. Trading takes precedence over workshop activities, however.

Tuesday, we do it all again. If we have the room and Internet ports, you can hook up your computer.

My experience is that most of you can not absorb more than 2.5 days of intense learning and trading... So, why pay for more?

What we'll cover

  • Focus on algorithms, their impact on the market, and how to benefit from them.
  • 2-3 days live trading applying the methods in real time down to a 1 minute chart for a detailed view of price fluctuations within short intervals.
  • Questions and answers with lively discussions, where you'll get to let loose on any and all impending thoughts you have.

The Process

Step one: Sign up for this seminar by contacting Pieter van Wyk for the cost, date and verification.

Step two: Secure your spot.

Step three: Attend the event.

PS: Bringing a laptop or computer is required as we'll all engage in live trades together.