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Re-edited, additional charts more annotations, now in mp3!

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We have royalty agreements with everyone that helps us to produce a product. These must be honored.

If you have bought the Trading Course before it's upgrade to MP3 and wish to upgrade to the MP3 version, your upgrade price is $100 plus shipping. This includes the new manual and MP3 disk.

You will essentially get a new course! It will include New binder contents and a New MP3 formatted CD. To qualify you must be in our company records or have a receipt. Audits are conducted and without documentation that you have purchased the course in the past either from us or from an authorized reseller, we cannot offer the upgrade price since we would be paying more in royalties than we would receive... that would be a loosing trade! We hope you understand.

If you qualify, go to the order form and fill out the Misc. section at the bottom. The upgrade is a significant improvement on the original course and we think you will be very happy with it.

Joe DiNapoli


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Fibonacci, Money Management and Trend Analysis In Home Trading Course without the Proportional Divider and Applications Manual

Reduced from $375