Trading course

Re-edited, additional charts more annotations, now in mp3!


The Trading course:

The Trading course is a recorded two day seminar. It consists of 9 information packed MP3 audio segments, and well over 100 pages of charts detailing the concepts taught by Joe DiNapoli. Aspects of money management, psychology and gamesmanship not taught in the book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels" are presented here in great detail.

Coast offers The Trading Course in two forms:

With or without the Proportional Divider and Applications Manual

With proportional divider and application manual $375
Without proportional divider and application manual $275

After 10 years, a new, updated MP3 version of the Trading course is available now! It's been re-edited, reformatted, and digitized in MP3 format. Additional charts and audio inserts have been added for improved clarity.

"Your awareness of how the game is played, the pro vs. the amateur, the in-depth instructions of your methods, very, very good."

J.G. Hartford, CT

Proportional Divider & Application Manual

The Proportional Divider is a high quality architectural tool, manufactured and engineered in Germany. It is light weight and easy to handle. With this precision instrument, a trader can graphically locate important Fibonacci ratios, Confluence, and Lineage Markings. It's generally considered to be an indispensable trading tool, even if you have our recommended software!

The Applications Manual is a detailed, 60 page, professionally illustrated, instruction manual describing the manipulation of the Proportional Divider, as well as the theory behind the use of this device.

Price: $149